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Water Retention or sudden weight gain

Hi Guys,

Does it happen on some days you have swollen fingers, have puffy eyes, swollen feet and your face looks blotted? Its a sign of water retention.

Its happen when we do not go to the washroom for long hours. Have been sitting for long hours, hormonal imbalance, stress, lack of sleep, travelling our body has a way of building up fluid.

It can make you feel really uneasy and this is called EDEMA

Simple remedies to follow to overcome water retention,

1) Drink lots of water to flush out all the excess fluid stored

2) Home remedies: Boil water 2-3 glasses and add some arrowroot powder (1 tsp), milk (1 tsp) and sugar (1tsp). allow it to cool. Keep drinking this and by the second day you should feel better.

3) another cause for water retention is premenstrual syndrome. It starts about a week before your periods. The best way to deal with PMS is yoga ( breathing exercise).

4) Check for calcium deficiency and thyroid. Get yourself checked by your physician

Incase you have excessive water retention or have it on most days please do consult your physician.

It is a cause for concern.

Till next time take care and stay healthy

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May I add a point? Reduce intake of salt or switch to low sodium salt. This too helps.


Thank you. I was about to add the same comment. Also reduce intake of fried food and drink lime juice... tust me it helps


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