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totally splurged!

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went out with my girlfriends and ate and ate and ate all days and drank to my hearts content and as I lay here ready for bed looking down at my full stomach I have to say I feel guilty and regretful!

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14 Replies
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Hi, don't give up, even if you feel bad at the moment. Make a plan of what you are going to eat over the next week, and stick to it as best you can. Prepare yourself before your next social do, so you know your limits. All the best, look forward, not backward. Have you joined the weekly weigh-ins? Hidden

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I agree with Brumosa.

You can't undo what happened and beating yourself up over it is likely to make matters worse. Start planning your daily menus and log them on the Daily Diary. This will help you stick to it.

I believe you already know that there is a tremendous amount of support on here so, dust yourself off and enjoy receiving and giving support as you continue on your weight loss journey. Good luck and best wishes.

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lindyloomRestart Dec 2022

All you can do is start again. I've found another thing I can do besides this forum is to make sure I put in my food I have eaten on My Fitness pal each day.

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One4Cookie2022 December

I know it must be difficult when this happens. I did this last night as I was feeling lonely and depressed. But I went for candy and fried chicken. I then didn't feel comfortable even in my pj's. Yes, the guilt trips start, yup.

But let's just start again, a new beginning. Yes, a new beginning. A new day. We can't give up. It will work. Okay? 🤗 Let's start. I'm not trying to make excuses for us, but let's get back up. 🤗

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RofD7lbs in reply to One4Cookie

I like your positive approach to having over-eaten. I certainly don't think you are making excuses because we all have these little blips at times. Good luck with getting back on track.

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One4Cookie2022 December in reply to RofD

Thank you RofD. I can be my worst enemy and critic. My brother, who passed away in January 2022, would always keep moving forward. He'd jog, exercise, lift weights, run marathons and would always say NEVER GIVE UP! He was a fighter at whatever he put his mind to. I mean I'm not able to run or lift weights any longer but I will continue to push on. At times my weight just doesn't seem to be going down, just up unfortunately. I used to go jogging with him and lift weights. But at one time 21 years ago I had a surgery that didn't quite go as planned. I was told I'd be paralyzed for life. I didn't give up and I'm glad I didn't. I INSISTED on physical therapy, acupuncture, water aerobics, went through and continue to receive spinal shots to function however I'm no longer paralyzed! Nope, I don't give up. Therefore I can't let weight gain stop me from reaching a new goal. Its taking a long time but it's a journey. And I'll try and enjoy it in the process though it may get me down at times. I need to keep moving forward! Keep busy emotionally if I'm not able to physically on certain days 🤗

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Finding_FitnessSS Supercook in reply to One4Cookie

I'm really sorry about your brother and what you have been through. Your attitude sounds amazing! Wishing you all the best for the New Year!

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One4Cookie2022 December in reply to Finding_Fitness

Thank you so very much for your condolences Finding_Fitness. I hope you had an amazing New Year's Eve and wishing you a Fabulous New Year to come! Every day is a new day!

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Sorry I'm going to adapt slightly these lovely answers - don't waste your time and energy feeling bad at all! It was Christmas and we all needed to let go, if that's what we wanted to do. The vast availability of stuff nowadays is wonderful, but it does make restraint more difficult. However, that shouldn't mean that there aren't times when we don't just all let go, celebrate friendships and loved ones, and just indulge.

Personally for me, it's got to be all or nothing, so I'm going to finish those boxes of mince pies and when I'm done, it's got to be at least four weeks or more of no alcohol, bickies, cakes, sweets or anything from a shop with added sugar. Spuds are a no-go too and then lots and lots of water, some of it hot with lemon. For me at least, this really works, and it sets the old body straight for some time to come. I'd personally rather do this than try for a slimming Christmas. All congratulations to those that do, but if you don't, please indulge guilt-free, then cheerfully address the redressing challenge later.

However you decide to tackle the beginning of next year, good luck with it, and please don't feel guilty about Christmas. It was your special time, and there will be more of those again, when you give yourself permission.

May yours and everyone's 2023 be a good one. love Betty x

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Finding_FitnessSS Supercook in reply to BerlinBetty

Love your attitude! And sounds like a great plan!

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TrimmerteacherMaintainer in reply to BerlinBetty

Nice to see you again Betty. Happy New Year!

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Know the feeling . Currently in New York. How do you stay slim there ?

in reply to focused1

lol you don’t

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