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Support needed!

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LostMyWay2022 December
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Hi all, I have gradually gained weight over the last few years and am now in a complete rut that I’m struggling to get out of. Bad habits have taken over, I occasionally binge on sugary foods and I’m worried about my health so I need to make changes and lose some weight.

I have quite a bit to lose, anywhere between 4-5 stone so it feels very overwhelming.

If anyone can give me any tips for motivation and consistency I would really appreciate it as that’s where I’m lacking.

I look forward to providing support to others who are trying to lose.

9 Replies
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Hi again LostMyWay, I suggest that you split your main goal into smaller, more achievable goals. It's far easier to look at losing a couple of lbs each week. Have you decided on your weight loss plan? I'm losing weight by cutting down on the carbs. Some of our members follow calorie counting, or counting points with the NHS site. If you have a look there you'll find a 12 week plan, many of our success stories began there.

The link is on my previous reply :)

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The badges on here are a good way to keep focused on a smaller target. You get a new badge every 7lbs (or roughly 3kg, depending on which unit of weight you use!). As for me, I usually write my plan for the day on the daily diary and I take it one day at a time. I concentrate on sticking to my plan just for today, then tomorrow I do it again and that seems to work best for me!

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LostMyWay2022 December in reply to Sheepfan

Thank you, I think trying to do one day at a time is definitely the way to go. Eventually they will add up!

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Sheepfan6kg in reply to LostMyWay

Absolutely they will! Good luck 🙂

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I have a sweet tooth but I'm diabetic so I have a plan when I fancy something sweet. I use stevia powder for sweetening and buy a bulk pack.use this to sprinkle on anything I want sweet. I I always have a big sugar free jelly in the fridge. I use coconut flower if I want to make some kind of cake (sweetened with stevia) and if I fancy a bit of chocolate I buy one of the tiny 'Freddo' chocolates. I buy lower sugar fruits, berries mainly but supplemented with apples and pears. I avoid starchy foods - bread, rice, pastry, pasta, rice, substituting lots of fresh veg. I am still maybe 10 lbs overweight, but it is steady and I'm not gaining. I use sweetner for hot drinks.

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LostMyWay2022 December in reply to fiftyone

chocolate is my enemy as I can’t just eat a small amount, it generally triggers a binge. I’m better off when I avoid it as the cravings eventually stop then.

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fiftyoneVisitor in reply to LostMyWay

well what i also do if i fancy chocolate is buy cocoa powder, mix it with stevia and double cream. Stir it all together til it's quite thick and it is very satisfying without all the sugar. There is cream, of course but it doesn't seem to be as addictive as sugar laden commercial chocolate.

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Halcyon-Days2022 November

I agree that you mustn’t look at the bigger picture as it’ll feel like you’re never going to get there. Take it in tiny steps and if you go off track just put it behind you and start again. You’re only human and it won’t be the end of the world. Wanting to really do it is the best motivation.

I find it helps me to write everything down every day….what I ate, how much I moved and how I felt that day. At the end of each week I would reward myself with a non food little treat.

Good luck to you, you can definitely do this… looking forward to sharing your journey 🥰

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LostMyWay2022 December in reply to Halcyon-Days

I do think writing things down can help a lot. I need to start doing this again. We can both do this, we just have to be patient and consistent. 😊

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