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Giggsy1232021 July

Morning ladies

I keep plateauing with my weight, I eat v healthily. Drink lots of water, walk the dog. Every morsel I eat I record so I know I'm eating 1100 cals a day 1200 on a bad day. I have lost 2 and a half stone but it's been a v long process.I have been 11 stone 91/4 for 11 days now. I really want to be 11.7 for end of nov. Do I up my calorie intake?eat carbs ? Eat protein? Any suggestions would be grand. Thank you so much for your support and happy slimming.

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I think you should just take a moment to recognise how well you have done to maintain a 2 1/2 stone loss - that has made a huge impact on your improved health 🙌 11 days feels like forever but weight loss isn’t a linear process and plateaus are completely natural (but totally frustrating!!). Perhaps your body is readjusting to account for all those pounds you have banished. I can see you are counting calories; how did you arrive at that figure - the NHS calorie calculator is a good tool for figuring out what is a reasonable amount to go for. I don’t count calories myself, I follow a Mediterranean approach to eating and believe that low fat processed products are crammed with all sorts of rubbish that scupper weight loss; I eat whole foods and they keep me satisfied without having to cope with teeny weeny portions - I load up my meals with veggies and never go hungry. Post on the daily diaries and we can offer suggestions on your meal plans.

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Giggsy1232021 July in reply to WasYoYo80

Hi thanks for reply. I use the nutracheck app. I always cook from scratch I love cooking. Never have processed prob 1 takeaway a month. Always make cauliflower rice, and spinach pasta. Few carbs, never use oil.dont eat butter marg cheese. I had a heart attack in jan so have changed my diet completely. Love veg and only eat berries as my sugars were too high with snacking in fruit. Eat fat free yoghurt. My main calories are at dinner time about 650 in the evening which is My main meal. I usually have 200 a cals for evening maybe a whisky or a kit kat.

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WasYoYo80Host in reply to Giggsy123

If I were you, I would keep my resolve high and wait it out a bit - just keep doing what you’re doing and the scales should catch up. It’s when we feel defeated by the scale not moving when we’re doing the right thing that can lead to a blip - keep eating healthily and celebrate how far you have come.

I would, however, suggest looking at switching your fat free yoghurts to full fat - or at least looking at the label and contemplating how much sugar or sweetener they are loading into it - they do that to make it more palatable. Natural foods without added nasties are much more preferable in my opinion.

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Giggsy1232021 July in reply to WasYoYo80

I will take a look x

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Hi GiggsyI agree with the other replies- feel good about your loss so far, we have all hit the plateau at some time. Maybe when you out walking the dog, up the pace to a brisk walk every day. Choose a new route where there is a hill and go for it without stopping.

You will get there, keep going, we’ll done!

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