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Have I changed this much!

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Paulssis2st 7lbs
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Just wanted to share this with you all as was giggling just now and we could all do with a giggle!

Just got back from 1hr walk with my little dog and radio plugged in listening to Sarah Milligan. She is absolutely hilarious. So there I am laughing away but honestly did not realise I was laughing out loud until I passed a family walking and the little girl looked at me then ran back to her mum screaming. I turned round to see what was going on and the little girl pointed at me screeching “ she’s a witch mummy. Honestly she was laughing at me like that witch does in the story you read to me”.

Well I know I knocking on a bit and had a thick coat on to keep out the cold and was wearing a hat, I’m sure I don’t look like I would imagine a picture of a witch in a book looks like! Anyway, I got home and was laughingly telling my OH. Big mistake haha as he tells me it confirms what he has thought for 35 years.

5 Replies
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🤣🤣How embarrassing, it did make me smile though! I’ve never been called a witch. When I was about 45 many moons ago, I had lost lots of weight and an elderly gentlemen told his grandson to mind the boy on the bike! meaning me🤣I now have much longer hair! I must have looked young so took it as a bit of a compliment.

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Paulssis2st 7lbs in reply to Flo-jo

One of my grandchildren asked me if I had a dinosaur as a pet like they had a kitten! Wouldn’t have been so bad but I was only about 45 at the time.

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Flo-jo in reply to Paulssis

🤣🤣children are so funny.

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lea57-49rMaintainer in reply to Paulssis

That's brilliant. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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LOL kids dont mind what they say to and naughty other half!!

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