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Sharing my situation

WeakwillednomoreRestart Nov 2020

I have had no kitchen for 4 weeks now and entered my 5th week today. Total refurbishment with extension. I have a sink and washing machine by my front door drying clothes on airer in living room. Using a slow cooker for most meals (also in living room). I’m catering for 4 adults, 1 teenager and a 7 year old!

Lost all enthusiasm. Sandwich for lunches and casserole for dinner every day!

Whinging over as hope to have my kitchen back in a week or so! Putting on weight instead of losing but hope to rectify that soon!

Have a great weekend everyone 😘

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Oh that's tough! I've been there, so I know. I had my microwave on the dining room floor, for want of anywhere else, and one time, I had to answer the phone just while I was preparing my food, and I must have left the microwave door open, as the cat (after burning his tongue, I think!) had dragged my dinner all around the floor!

Hope you get sorted soon and are pleased with your new kitchen.

Just think once it's all done you will be cooking up a storm and getting your mojo back just in time for christmas


I sympathise with you, especially in lockdown, when our kitchen was being done it took a week, we mostly went to a cafe to eat dinner. It will be worth it, you will have a new kitchen for Christmas.

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