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Need help with burning calories ideas!

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CrimsonMamaRestart January 2021

Ok I am doing the C25K as well as 5.2 diet and various other exercising things! But apparently I am not resting enough and with C25K you need to rest between runs! However I really need to keep up my calorie loss/burn! But I don't know other than swimming -which I do once a week with my seven year old - what exercise I can do to burn calories which also allow my legs to 'rest' and 'heal' after running?

I am a single mum so I am limited on how much I can leave the kids. A 30 min run on weekend mornings are ok but I am not comfortable leaving them in the evenings - they are aged 7 and 12.

I used to brisk walk 30 minutes daily after work and before the school run but now this is jogging 4 times a week. I use my treadmill -which is only for walking on - three times a week. Swimming once sometimes twice a week. A 15 mins aerobics workout 4 times a week and I just added cycling twice a week.

For my diet - my TDEE is supposed to be like 2100 a day - I consume roughly 1700 calories three days a week, 800 calories twice a week (instead of 500 which is the norm for 5.2) and weekends upto 1900 calories.

This regime is losing me 2 - sometimes 3 - pounds a week. I have lost 33lbs of weight so far but still have 53lbs to lose to be my 'ideal' BMI.

My motivation has been so high since I added the exercise and am losing weight consistently. Before that I would try so hard with dieting, fail to lose weight, get disheartened and binge eat. It's only by seeing the numbers drop that I can keep this up! I'm hoping once my weight comes down I can find a better level that maintains.

HOWEVER... The C25K runs are getting more intense and the rest days are important but how can I burn like 200-300 calories in half hour without using my legs? I can't really jump and I've tried stepping up and down stairs but my knees are not great (and still uses legs!).

I am stumped... How can I lose weight but still get rest days?

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Hi and welcome, CrimsonMama :)

I want to tell you to take a step back and calm down. I understand that your motivation is to lose weight, but what are you going to do when you can't run/swim/cycle/do aerobics any more, are you just going to start binge eating again?

Exercise should be about enjoyment, getting fit and toned, not about weight loss, primarily, that should really come from what you are and aren't eating, NOT dieting.

You need to find a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, that you'll still be following in 5/10/50 years. There's a lot more to it, than calories in, calories out. Maybe you need to rethink your healthy eating, before you hit a brick wall. Have a look at this and see if it makes any sense to you and whether it's something you could follow

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