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How do you decide what your target weight is?

Spacemonkey142 stone

I’ve been losing weight for about 5 months and almost lost 2.5 stone, my colleagues have started to notice now and compliment me but are shocked when I say I still have a fair way to go. I’ve set my target weight at the top end of the BMI range as a minimum end point, is that still a realistic guideline ?

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Hi Spacemonkey14-my work colleagues were the same when I said I wanted to lose another stone but I think when you start getting near the weight you want to be you will know. some people are jealous of others losing weight I've found and one girl I worked with was big and used to bring in cakes and biscuits which I would eat (I don't now) and she would not touch. Just lose weight for yourself and you will know when you feel you have reached your ideal weight. Well done on the amount you have lost so far!

Spacemonkey142 stone in reply to journalgirl

Thank you, it is the snacks and McDonald’s breakfasts at work which I feel I miss out on but it’s worth it 🙂


I haven't set myself a goal weight - i just want to maintain a long term healthier lifestyle. I will likely re visit this when i get down to that but for now i'm just enjoying the planning and the varied food i am eating!

David5 in reply to Hidden

For myself as a bloke I think exercise is key. If you can find a sport you enjoy that’s brilliant. Some centres have football for people who are big and want to lose weight, walking football may be too slow. Let’s be honest, any exercise burns calories - and not just whilst you are doing the exercise the raised metabolism is working in your favour for the following hours too. 👍🏻

Beth_19Healthy BMI

Hi Spacemonkey14 I had the same experience with people too. When I told people that I had at least 7 stone to lose nobody actually believed me and at around 6 stone weight loss everybody began to say I should stop.

I set my own personal goal outside of the bmi recommendations and said I would see how I felt when I got nearer to that point. Once I reached that point I decided I did want to try for an official healthy bmi weight and so lost another few pounds. However, that was purely for me and not for health reasons or anything like that. I felt very comfortable with how I was at my personal goal weight which still had me as slightly overweight. i am just as happy having achieved a healthy bmi so this is it for me.

I used the bmi as a guide more than anything because it is not an exact science. You are the one who has to feel comfortable in their own body. If as you approach your target weight you think you are happy with how you feel, then that is good.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Beth_19

Good advice from one who knows :)

Spacemonkey142 stone in reply to Beth_19

Thank you, I’m going to see how I feel as I get close to healthy bmi 🙂

Beth_19Healthy BMI in reply to Spacemonkey14



I haven't set myself a target weight. I'm getting near to a healthy BMI but I am fully aware I'm still carrying plenty of fat.

I'm aiming to eat as healthily as I can, still tweaking things as I go along, and I'd like to think I'll do that for life. If I do, I assume my weight will find its own level.

You've done brilliantly! How about joining in some of the forum's events and challenges? Today's weigh-in is still open til 10, or you may prefer another day. You could log your meal plans on the Daily Diary and pinch ideas. You could join some of the exercise challenges - Time to get moving, Kicking the Ks, Tortoise and Hare. In case you've forgotten how to find your way around, this will help

Spacemonkey142 stone in reply to BridgeGirl

Thanks for the tips, I’m slimming on an app so I don’t have anyone to share tips with so I’ll have a look at the forum, thank you 🙂 I have been wondering when weight loss settles naturally and I maintain weight instead, I can’t lose weight forever, but I guess I will find out 🙂

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Spacemonkey14

We have a Maintainers Club here, and the impression that I get is that maintaining is as difficult as losing, if not more so. I'm hoping that by ditching bad habits and building new ones, this will serve me well long term.

You might find this post encouraging

cheritorroxWorking at it

I started with a target of 15 kilos (approx 33lb) and then see how I felt. I've got to 13.8 but now know i'll continue til my measurements are what I want them to be (or until it looks like the beer barrel will never disappear!). I agree with journalgirl - I already feel better but not totally right yet! Keep going til I can get into that favourite dress I used to wear 10 years ago...

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to cheritorrox

You're doing great cheritorrox :)

Hi, this is a very relevant question, and I include links to the various "target weight" web-sites in my "Thought on reducing fat":

For me, the "top of the target range" on these sites differed by almost four stone.

I think that, if I got down to 25% BMI, I would look like a hat-stand.

cheritorroxWorking at it in reply to S11m

had a look at the post you mentioned - useful stuff x

It is so different from person to person, I think. My goal was originally "to feel light as a feather when I was running" and I set an arbitrary goal of a BMI of 22.5. I reached it in December 2016, but was unable to maintain it. This time I'm am getting there (or somewhere in that vicinity) slowly and with a focus on sustainable changes to my lifestyle

TwiggynotHealthy BMI

I once lost 3 1/2 stone and achieved my target weight but everyone said I looked old and wrinkly and haggard. This time round I want to get into the healthy bmi range so I can’t be accused of being overweight. I am not overly strict with my diet and have cut out nearly all the rubbish I have been eating. I still have an occasional treat/ lapse but am comfortable with losing anything each week! I am not letting dieting rule my every waking hour but just eating well!

cheritorroxWorking at it in reply to Twiggynot

I need to get more like that - being a bit anal at the moment and spending too much time thinking about it. Hopefully practice makes perfect and it wont be long before I naturally eat right ratios etc

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