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When you reach your goal weight!!


So I'm far far away from reaching my goal weight ATM, but I was just wondering how you maintain your weight once you have reached your goal.

So ATM I am eating 1200-1400 cals a day and am loosing weight, im not feeling hungry through out the day I get Alittle peckish at night but can cope with that.

Once you reach your goal weight do you go up to eating 2000 cals a day? Please if you have reached your goal weight I would love to know how you maintain it. I'm scared I'm going to Loose all the weight then regain it.

I have cut out all sugary foods, junk foods takeaways and have just being drinking water. I have told my self no to all of it until I have lost all the weight, I'm doing OK. I just don't want to put it all back on.

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It rather depends on your age and weight! Look up your BMR - basal metabolic rate- that tells you how many calories you need a day to stay alive! Unfortunately the older you get, the more weight you lose the lower the number of calories you need! So I was eating the same as you - 1200 - 1400 - now at target weight 11st 7lbs (73k) - age 66 - BMR = 1300! Doesn't seem fair does it! They do say you can have a few treats at times - just a few mind! Good luck!

Hey its something i worry about to but what ive read is that you will need to calculate what the bmr is for your goal weight, and as long as you burn the same amount of calories as you consume you should maintain. I think it will be trial and error once we get to our goal weights to find where we need to be as we are all different

HRHGaby has recommended somewhere on this site: eat an extra 100 calories per day for a week, then 200 extra a day for the second week, and so on. That's what I'm going to try when I reach my target. Seems a great idea for helping the body adjust slowly to normal calories levels, and you weigh in weekly to monitor it and tweak as necessary.

Normally if you add 400 calories a day to what you eat now and monitor it. You will normally gain about 1lb just because there is more volume inside you but if you are still losing then you add 100 calories a day if you gain more than just 1lb in the first week or keep gaining then you adjust downwards. Many women cannot eat as much as 2000 calories to maintain weight. Some need about 1500 if they are short, small framed, light weight, post menopausal and not too active. Others who are tall broad framed active and young might need 2250 calories.

Hope this makes sense

I'm wondering why you want to know about this now....

I think the answer you may really be looking for is "Is the effort I am putting in now worth it?" and the answer is yes. But the answer you are hoping not to hear is that that this cannot be a temporary change in lifestyle... but it is easier if the underlying issues that led to you being overweight have been addressed.

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