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first timer


i got dumped at the end of Christmas and i took it pretty badly. gained around a stone which is sooo not ideal. just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to start losing weight. i have been trying for the last 2 months and nothing has happened.

looking forward to losing a bit of weight hopefully before summer time, any tips would mean the world. i am very rubbish at this :)

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Hey Binky! I’m no expert but I thought I’d give it a go and suggest a few things. I’m sorry about the break up weight, we’ve all been there. I’m sure you’ll find the silver lining! 😊

I find that cutting out dairy all together is always a good start. Then only have carbs in the evening for dinner, because it helps you sleep. Filling your plate with loads of veg and making the veg fun by roasting or seasoning with garlic and spices. Like baked kale. Finding the fun would be my main tip I guess.

Making healthy cooking a fun activity where you can be creative (it doesn’t need to take long though) and don’t make yourself eat stuff you hate. Healthy cooking can taste really good.

Also adding in little bits of exercise where you’d normally be still for a while. Like doing 10 star jumps when the adverts come on the tv. I felt a bit silly at first but it gave me energy the more I did it.

Good luck 😊 x

Great to have you join us Binky64

Welcome and enjoy the forum...

Sorry to hear of your break up, but wishing you happiness in the future...

Please check with your health professional regarding your actions to lose weight and get their support locally to compliment this wonderful forum...

I'd like to invite you to read our Newbie Pack - which is what I call the sat-nav to the benefits of the forum, here's the link:

Please also read this about the importance of locking your posts:

Cheering you on to reach your goals 🎉🎉🎉


Hello and welcome Binky 😊


Hi Binky64 .. at some time or other I expect most of us tried to mend a broken heart with comfort food , but I'm glad to hear you feel ready now to get back in shape.

Personally at this stage I wouldn't suggest you ban any particular food, just try to plan your calories to include a small amount here and there, otherwise I've found that if you cut it out completely you're more likely to cave in and give up.

The link above by Minniewinny to the NHS newbie section is an excellent place to start. All the best and keep logged onto here for support.

hello Binky! I recommend forgiving yourself first as it is not your fault nor your weight's fault you were dumped. apparently the person who dumped you is not too smart! we have all been dumped and most of us gain weight afterwards so we understand. I decided a long time ago that if someone does not like me because I am overweight then they would not like me if I was thin so more power to them if they do leave! toxic relationships is something I do not need. as far as starting a new life with food, find a good habit you can live with to start with whether it be cutting out sugar or eating lots more veggies. I wish you all the luck!


tip: do it for yourself, not for other people.

Don't beat yourself up for comfort eating. It's perfectly normal to grieve over a loss. Do what you have to do, and move on. Nothing wrong with comfort eating unless you do it for six years :)

I'm not sure if it's healthy to assume there was something wrong with the other person simply because they dumped you. Maybe there was, maybe there wasn't. Mostly people break up because they're just not compatible, and in that case it's a positive thing: you've got your life back, and you can find someone more suitable.

Breaking up (who dumped who is irrelevant really) is also a good opportunity for honest introspection: is there anything I can or should change about myself to ensure that my next relationship works out better than this one? Setbacks can be a motivator for growth. Assuming that we can go through life always being "us", and that others should just accept us for who we are or get lost, is likely to end with a vague sense of dissatisfaction at best, and at worst will set us up for repeated failures that we never learn from. Life gets better when we actively strive to better ourselves.

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