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losing it baby...

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I may be only losing 2 pounds a week but when I give it serious thought, I realize that losing that much is really good no matter if it is water or not. my face is thinner and so is my chest and butt. I hate losing weight in my butt as I have none to spare, not like my tummy, but nevertheless, I am losing it. I just need to give myself kudos for doing that much instead of gaining 2 pounds a week. if I could just exercise more, maybe I could lose it faster?

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I don't think you have to worry about excercise katy9617 as a 2lb weekly loss is good going. Try and walk 5-10000 steps daily and that will help also a little bit of strength excercise which you will find on this site. Your doing great. 👏👍😎

Haha. I know what you mean about the butt. I bought a new pair of jeans a month ago. They fitted nice and gave me shape. Straight out of the wash they are fine but give them a day or two and they end up baggy. I guess I'm not filling them out the same :)

Good going on the steady losses :)

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Tiggerr6kg in reply to kiwikyd-nz

Great news... apart from the renewal expense.

Your doing great , isn’t it strange the way we loose from certain places. I have always hated my large bust and when I lost weight many years ago I still had too much there , find I difficult to get good bra’s...

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Tiggerr6kg in reply to Beechnuts

When I first started I lost nearly all of it from my face and was starting to look like some kind of comic head shrunken character.

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katy9617 in reply to Beechnuts

i do too. it is hard to find good bras for sure. i have ones that fit in the cup but not in the back. it is the pits. but i find that extenders work good

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Beechnuts in reply to katy9617

Hi Katy, I’m he opposite way around need a narrower back,

Two buckets and some elastic might be good ha ha ha.

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kittykat16037lbs in reply to Beechnuts

Make me one please Lilly! I find Bravisimo to be fantastic and really helpful with finding solutions to my tiny back and huuuuge bust, only downside is they are a 40min journey away from me and not the cheapest.

And Katy, do you want some of my butt?! There’s enough of that to go round and I’d happily share for a worthy cause xx

Thanks kittikat, Have looked up B’mo they are quite a distance from us as well, but looks like one near my daughter s so will try that. When I visit her.

I wish I was losing 2lb a week! It is a perfect amount to loose to be more likely to keep it off. Well done.

2lb a week is perfect. Don't get disheartened and keep on going. Well done. James

There is no ONLY about 2lb a week! It's the perfect rate of loss - if you lose faster then it will just all pile back on. At a slow steady pace you also give yourself time to ingrain new habits. Well done!

If you lost it faster you'd probably be in line for more baggy skin.. A good steady pace is always best.

One of my weight scales is in bags of sugar. You've lost a bag of sugar. I imagine a rucksack full of the bags of sugar that I've lost and then imagine trying to carry them around all day. Would I even want to try and carry a single bag in my hands all day :O

You have a great attitude there, that losing and even maintaining is not gaining. There's no race but there is preparation for that time when you reach your final goal.

Hi, don’t try to lose it any faster, it isn’t good for your body and is harder to sustain anyway. You are doing well!

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A weekly loss of 2lb is perfect as there's a much better chance of it's staying off than if you were losing huge amounts amounts. It's not a race and You are doing brilliantly👏👏

thanks to all my friends who replied! you have given me new strength and endurance which i needed desperately!

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Dear Katy

Losing 2 lbs a week is splendid!

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Well done, brilliant results

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2lbs a week is great. The recommendation is 1lb to 2lbs a week so you're at the top end already. Just keep on with what you're doing.

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