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1.5 pounds off

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Charley61 stone

So day 2, scales tell me I am 1.5 pounds down.... and then I discovered it is my ‘time of the month’ and with that I am always so much more hungry!! Does this happen to anybody else? I want to continue to eat the small/moderate portions I am teaching myself to eat, are there any foods out there that in small portions make you feel full for longer? As I don’t want to up my portions over the next 5 days 😊😁

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Yes Charley, add fat to your meals. Olive oil, home made mayo, butter, coconut oil, double cream, etc will increase satiety, without increasing portion size :)

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katy9617 in reply to moreless

wow thanks moreless. I did not know that. Charley hi and welcome! it did happen to me that way ( no more ) but I think carrots drowned in coconut oil might be good.. no not really I am just trying to be funny. anyway, 1.5 pounds down is terrific and congrats keep it up!

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