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Saturday's update

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Early start for me on my day off. I was up at 7am. Stuck to my morning routine. But this time I doubled up on my oatmeal because of the under 4K race.

Had a nice ride with my rowing colleague on our way up to Chester. We we were worried about the weather. It was windy and wet leaving Warrington. We were amazed to see the sun shining in Chester.

I got geared up for my race only to find out I didn't have a boat. Had to ask for a loaner from the club. My race wasn't until late. But my captain asked me to get in and set off. No arguments there I always do as I Day it's her. Ah wanted me to get used to the boat since I was used to our club's boat.

I got there ahead of schedule. But I was racing very young girls. I thought right, I will just try my best. They didn't have my age bracket on this race. Which was why i ended up with them. It was a long wait. 2 1/2 hours we waited. We didn't race until 3pm.

As I predicted the young girls passed me, but I wasn't put off I just did my personal best. I came 5 out of 6. I was worn out. No lunch no water. I was starving.

My friends were amazed giving me praise that it's tough doing races in single and said I was an inspiration to them. That some may challenge next year.

Obviously fell off my meal plan. I got frozen gluten free Chinese vegetable and fried rice. Tried eating crisps but couldn't finish it and binned the rest. I also had ginger beer to finish up my night.

As I was laying cramping up now and then, I really enjoyed the race and will do it again. I felt I was pacing it faster. My captain said it just takes practice.

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What a great result.. Well done you! 🚣🏼🚣🏼🚣🏼

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I love hearing about your on water rowing.

A PB without your own boat, and against youngsters, and not coming last, seems plenty of good results to me.

Pacing is so hard. I get it wrong with a screen in front of me. No idea how you even begin in a proper boat.

Thank you I am going to focus on trying harder. It's 2k maximum power. I may ask for a good long distance erg practice. I just signed up for Liverpool race.

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