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Day 3 and i not hungry - wow!


This is day 3 and i can't believe that i not feeling hungry and only had around 900 cals! Yesterday , i went to bed quite hungry and i had 1450 cals. for my breakfast i had mini shredded wheat (40g) with skimmed milk and this filled me up until lunch. For lunch i had liver with lemon, salad and wholemeal flat bread and for more veggies i made a spinach, orange and ginger smoothie, then for tea i had lentil soup with wholegrain bread. i have even had another bowl of shredded week to see me off to sleep! I had a busy day so didn't exercise, unfortunately. looking forward to making some new recipes from the easy meal app.

Thursday tomorrow, and weekend is coming - we have fallen into the takeout trap at the weekend, so looking to change what we do at the weekend and get out on the bikes together, rather than eating takeout together! hope the weather is good and that will make it easier!

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Hi well done that is great. Beware of eating too few calories though as you might end up putting your body into starvation mode. It's best to try and have roughly the same calories every day. You can have too little food which can make it just as hard to lose weight as eating too much.


I have to agree with Hidden, pilatesrock. I'm glad that you're not feeling hungry, but 900 calories isn't even enough for your body to function on, when you're not doing anything.

Try and work out your meals in advance, so that you know you're eating the right amount :)

thanks for the advice. appreciate it!

Hi pilatesrocks maybe plan your meals for the weekend ahead of time and prepare your own version of a takeaway.. but with healthier options... if you get it all ready in advance it won't be a chore when you want to have it!!

Enjoy day 4 and changing the little things to help you reach your goals.

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