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Food at Work

Rose-A1 stone

So where I work they have an on site restaurant where they give all staff on site free food. You heard it folks - free food. And not just a sandwich or something, you could in theory have a roast dinner five times a week for free if you wanted. They also do hot puddings / cakes everyday, which makes dieting all the more difficult sometimes.

I don't want to just take myself away from the canteen, as I need to be able to be around the food, but just get my mindset in the place where I don't crave it. I also still want to be able to sit with my colleagues and socialise.

You can order your food in advance online when they put the menus up, so I am trying not to go for the main meals, and order something that is slightly healthier instead.

I'm really just not keen on salad, so I'm trying to mix it up a bit - So far I've been going for a combination of the daily homemade soups they put on (and foregoing the optional bread roll), hot oak smoked salmon salad (the only salad I like), and hummus and crudites (don't really like hummus though), and if I'm still hungry going for a piece of fruit.

It's still pretty difficult though.

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It might be free but if you eat too much of wrong stuff you pay for it in the effort to undo all your good work of healthy body maintenance, its the same if you go to any social occasion, its free but do you really want what it will do to you? You have to look at it differently, I love revels when I go to cinema but I know I can't have them if I want to be thin and agile!! I can now move more easily and get up steps so I try to think that's more important, there are lots of people like us out there succeeding because of how we support each other and think. Sit with your friends but plan carefully before you get there and don't feel deprived, reward yourself some other way. best wishes

Your approach sounds good - planning and managing the situation rather than avoiding it altogether. It's realistic.

And I understand your situation. At my work we have a small kitchen where we can heat up our food and eat together. Unfortunately there's a sweet stand in there too. I don't want to lose the social contact by avoiding the kitchen altogether, but being near the sweets is a temptation.

Good luck.


Most restaurants do "healthy" options. Ask at yours if they do one, or if they would be prepared to start one. I'm sure that you're not the only person who's health conscious at your place of work :)

Failing that, ask for the ingredients of any given meal, a chef should always be prepared to do that. Armed with that knowledge, you'll be able to make much more informed choices.

I think a roast dinner every day sounds like a great option, just refrain from roast potatoes and Yorkshire pud! :)

Rose-A1 stone in reply to moreless

I'm a little in love with roasties haha

I've just had my salmon, didn't go for any biscuits, and went for a brisk 20 min walk, so feeling pretty chipper!

morelessAdministrator in reply to Rose-A

I loved roasties too, but don't eat them any more :)

Well done for your very wise choices :)

Lucky you! If it was me, I would think of food as not good or bad, just fuel. If you have an active job you will need a substantial lunch. I would suggest making 'good' choices - avoid fried food, pastry, and go for grilled or roast meats. Mash in moderation is okay, veggies are healthy and fill you up. If veggies are half your plate, you can't get up to a lot of mischief on the other! Fresh fruit pud and you are sorted! And if you can, balance food intake with exercise, even walk after lunch. Every little helps. Let us know how you go on 😀


Hi! Could you ask them for the calorie information on certain meals? They might be a bit hmmmmm about it but if it is an actual canteen, they must have it! And looking through an option you might come across a few more dishes within a reasonable calorie limit. Also, maybe suggest to some of your colleagues to have a stroll around the office during the last 15 minutes of your break? Keep it social and get some movement in that break :)

Free food - wow you have it good where you work and I think it's great that you can order your food in advance and make a selection from the menu which gives you the option of making the right choice in advance. The homemade soup sounds nice, so does the roast dinner, but that would be too much for lunch time. It sounds like you are making some good choices so stick with them and it's also great to hear that you are getting out for a nice walk as well. I always take a packed lunch and go for a walk whilst at work.

Rose-A1 stone in reply to trafford1

I must admit, I'm on fish and chips today - but have plumped for steamed fish (RIP batter), and small chips and a side salad. So kind of a cheat day but still on the ball :)

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