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Hello....just starting out!


I just found this site yesterday and after having a little nose around it looks like a really helpful and motivating place to be!!

I seriously need to improve my health! I am wording it that way rather than 'lose weight' as I really want my health and not my size to be my focus but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to lose weight too!! I have around 6st to lose to be the middle top end of healthy.

I am a type 2 insulin dependant diabetic (although I'm not great at taking my medication, but I am forcing myself to take greater care with this). I have PCOS but would like to conceive after having a few miscarriages and I know that unless I change my habits then nothing will improve. The power is mine and I am ready to work towards making a difference.

Trying to be really honest with where I am as that probably the best way to manage the changes, but apologies for all the info!!

I have a desk based job and tend to comfort eat, but I also skip meals often and do not drink enough water. So I've been trying to improve that and take advice from the 12wk plan.

I started on Monday and have been going out of the house in the morning for a walk Monday, Wednesday and today, surprisingly I'm really enjoying it and have been doing at least 5k each time and walking for around an hour. Been trying to jog in 30 second bursts and hoping to increase this over time! I'm exhausted today, but in a good way!

I think I'm on the right track, but hoping to find some support and encouragement here!


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Hi Fabala and welcome to the gang😃

It sounds like it's been a tough time for you but you are so right the power is yours to change and thats a great way to be thinking😃

I see you've got the 12 week plan so you are halfway there, take it slow and steady, this is a lifestyle change and it's not a race!

You've already made some changes and I'm really happy to hear you are feeling good about them,although tired !! 😃

Have a lovely weekend and look forward to catching up


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