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Eating out


Hi everyone. been using the NHS 12 week structure . I like it, it's useful. But what do people do when they eat out?

I had lunch out yesterday. Smoked salmon and cream cheese. (Indulgent, yes I know). I've no idea how many calories there might be in smoked salmon and since it's not something I'd ever have at home I've no idea what a portion size is.

How do other people manage if they eat out?

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Eating out can be hard, for me I go for the most healthy options ( well most of the time!!). I count my calories around the foods I know and any alcohol I might have.

If I feel I've gone overboard then I cut down the next few days and try to up my activity.

I believe life is for living and food/social stuff is there to be enjoyed. There will be blips on your journey but all I can say is go with it and enjoy.

It will all work out as long as you are not eating out every day !! 😃

Why not Google healthy options for eating out I bet it chucks something up??


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I found this which is a fairly good guide to eating out:

I agree eating out and maintain your diet can be tricky. Although I do count calories if I go over my limit one day, so be it, I simply look at the bigger picture and reduce my calories on subsequent days so that the week overall balances out. It's great to diet and lose weight but you still have to live your life. Good luck.

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