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Baby steps


So I'm into week two of the twelve week NHS programme and I have had great success so far. I'm making much healthier choices and I'm actually enjoying the foods I'm eating and how I'm feeling in general.

My only worry is I will lose interest like all the other times I've dieted in the past over the last ten years. I guess the motivation of losing weight to help conceive a baby will assist this time around but the fear of returning to bad habits is still there.

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Well done. It never gets easy but the first two weeks are the worst.


That fear may motivate you, but for the long term concentrate on the enjoyment; why would you stop something you enjoy that's good for you? :-)

Well done on making those changes.

I guess it can help if you do not treat this like a diet but as if you are truly changing your eating habits.

We can only diet for so long, its what we eat the rest of the time that actually matters so see this as a change for the long term.

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