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Going round in circles


Hi all Day 1 thinking about food a lot today. Still got 300 calls left. I'm confused about how many kcal so per day. It suggests for my Weight between 1449 to 1863 a day. So what do I go for. Also I signed in last thurs and forgot my password. I stated on nhs Weightloss I forgot it they said 3times they will send email to me. But they never arrived, not in trash bin either. So can't sign in. I've spent most of day doing this. Not happy bunny.

Why can't I save the site on my front page on iPad instead of having to refer back to the original email.

Sorry guys I guess it's teething troubles. I have to keep referring to my calorie counting book rather than do it on site.

Any tips please. Desperate. Can't face a week like this.

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Hi Missie - please don't feel desperate! You've done so well. I hate that when you forget passwords. You really do just have to write them down somewhere, it's the only way to be sure. I hope you manage to get on here regularly. Can you maybe log into the site via Mozilla or Google Chrome which will remember the password automatically for you?

Re the recommended calories - the recommended range depends on your starting weight, and I would tend towards the lower end as a guide - but anywhere in that range should work for losing weight. It's a matter of trial and error to see what works best for you. But seeing as your range's lower figure is so close to the 1400 recommended by the NHS 12 week plan, how about going for 1400? My BMI range was about the same, lower end was 1500 thereabouts. So I aimed for 1400cals/day, going up to 1500 if I needed it. I found if I went up to 1700 I stopped losing weight, trial and error and I found the amount that worked for me, you just need to work out what works for you.

For counting the calories throughout the day, have you looked at the myfitnesspal app yet? It's really easy to use and you can save regular things so you don't have to keep looking the same things up all the time.

Lots of luck for day 2, hope it's less frustrating! :)

Hi Missie, some really great advice given by Ruth there and I second what she's said going for the lower end of your daily recommended calorie allowance and see if that works for you. I also use Myfitnesspal to keep track of calories as do many others watching the daily food in take. You can also record your weight, measurements and exercise on MFP, it's well worth a look. Good luck on your journey with many successes :-)

Hi there, I think the calorie intake to aim for depends how much you have to lose; if you have a lot to lose and you're just starting out, go for the higher end, you will lose anyway. But having said that, if you have different calorie intake on different days that kinda helps- low end when you can, but allow yourself some treats when you need to and you can still be within calorie allowance! Perhaps?

Re forgetting your password, can you set up a different profile and use that instead?

Final tip- myfitnesspal app if you have an iPhone; it's a digital food & exercise diary which will keep track of your calorie in/ out per day. A bit of a faff filling it in but it can be helpful in curbing those snacking habits!

Good luck!

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