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Maybe unresponsive but here!

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Hi everyone, I may not be here from time to time. My husband has high blood pressure and Bells Palsy. The medication for his high blood pressure wasn't working and ended up A & E. It was dangerously high. He's home and resting.

I'm here but very preoccupied. And behind keeping track of my meal planning but I'll soon get back on the band wagon.


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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Sorry to hear about your husband ShadowDee. Hope he make a good recovery soon, glad he's back home with you.

I can understand you being preoccupied, it can be hard sometimes to stay on track with meal planning when there other things happening around you. Just take care of yourself and your husband.

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Active_43Healthy BMI

Hope he is doing ok

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13ValerieHealthy BMI

Sorry to hear about your husband having health problems... It can be hard to concentrate on meal planning when your attention needs to be elsewhere. I hope all is back to normal soon. Meanwhile just make the best choices you can. We'll be here to support you 😂so post whenever you get the chance

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I hope he's okay and you get some rest.

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ShadowDee sorry to hear about your hubby, glad he is home and resting - remember to look after yourself too :)

My best wishes to you both. James

Sorry to hear your husband had been unwell. Remember to look after yourself too.

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Oh no, how dreadful for you ShadowDee 😊. Please take care of yourself though, you can’t look after others if you’re not fit and well yourself

Thinking of you


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Sending best wishes for your husband s return to good health

Thank you everyone! I don't plan to fall off my meal planning and calorie counting.

He's much better today. His blood pressure was the highest the doctors ever seen. He has missed a year and and half of taking them.

I asked him if it's okay to nip to the gym (always been a benefit for me when stressed.)

Thank you again just having support helps too

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Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to ShadowDee

Sorry to hear your husband has been so unwell but that he’s improving now. Take care ShadowDee.

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gman1961Restart April 2021

Sometimes other things are more important than the odd pound or so.


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Ceals3 stone

Take care ShadowDee you can only do what you can do. Your husband will understandably be your priority.

Will be thinking of you.

Ceals x

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