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Up an runnin!


At 66 I've Just started the NHS C25K, after being encouraged and inspired by my friend (Chadders) who has been on the plan for a few months now. Have just finished the second week of the running and have not found it too bad. In fact I look forward to doing the runs now. Start week three tomorrow. Started trying to lose weight about 8 months ago after the scales started to creep up towards the 11.5 stone mark. Started walking everyday and trying to stick to more healthy eating but over the last couple of months have been controlling the calories seriously. Now joined a yoga class which I enjoy and and have also bought some hand weights. I now weigh 9.6 stone, with my bmi at just over 21, am feeling great! The only downside to it all is having to keep going clothes shopping to renew my now too big clothes! (Only kidding)!

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Great news that I can aspire to.... im also in my sixties, weight had crept up verynslowly over many many years to a scary 11st11lb. My knee wont let me run but I am now walking seriously for 40-60 mins most days and aiming for for an average 1200 cals ... not gettin hungry but eager to get to the point when I can buy a smaller size. Done 3 wks and 4lbs off .

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Good on you! Brisk walking works well for weight loss. That is how I started and have taken up yoga and hand weights to increase my flexibility and tone up a bit. Gentle yoga might help you too. I started off with a DVD and book at home before I joined a class.

elliebathHost in reply to Running66

Ok I might try a dvd .... I have friends who do yoga but they are very advanced!! I would need fellow overweight beginners in my class . Thanks for that idea and good luck to you, I guess you are now at maintenance level .

Wow, you are going fantastically with weight loss - and well done on starting c25 k. A lot of c25kers are on the weight loss forum. But please join the c25k forum to keep us up to date with your progress. There you will find a wonderfully supportive and inspiring group of runners. Hope to see your posts there soon. Good luck :)

Running66 in reply to RoRoMama

Thank will go on c25k forum.

Good for you! I started C25K in January 2013 after losing my first 1.5 stone on the 5:2 Diet and was 63 at the time. I then lost another 1.5 stone and have since maintained by just 'fasting' one day a week and running the three C25K+ podcasts every week. I've never been so slim or so fit and my BMI is now just under 20 for the first time since I was a teenager!


You are doing really well.

I started c25k and enjoying it.

Like you I also use NHS BMI I am down to 26.1 at 12 stones and hope to get into the healthy zone in the next couple of months.

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