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Week 7 -Friday weigh in - pulled a pound out of the hat

suzybenj1 stone

Very pleased with this weeks progress. I had a fab weekend - meaning had far to much to eat - Fish and chips friday, out sat and then curry sun - but knew it would mean payback big time. Monday Morning scales confirmed this - I would need to lose 2 pounds to stand still and another pound to keep to my planned target loss.

I have had a fantastically disciplined week - sticking to 1400 calories and went out running a few times. Scales today very pleasing I have lost 3 pounds- which keeps me on target and takes my weight loss to 8 pounds. I am now edging towards 12 stone, I also decided to measure myself today - not really thinking there would be much movement- but pleased to report 2 cms off all my vital statistics and my BMI is nearly at the bottom of 29 as opposed to the top. So all good news - Couldn't be more pleased.

Just need to get through bank holiday weekend and trip to London next week. I am determined not to undo the hard work!!

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well done you suzybenj!

your success this week is good motivation for me, weekends are usually very hard for me - but as you have mentioned, you knew what you needed to do to get back on track and you did it!

job well done! keep up the great work!

Lily :)

Congatulations, 3lbs that's fantasic ! Your doing really well!

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