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Hi I have just been diagnosed with PCSO by the most unsympathetic doctor in the SE of England. I have no symptons other than I dont have regular periods. I have had an internal scan where I have been told that there may be additional follicles but nothing to be concerned about. A couple of blood test later and I am a PCOS sufferer! And the only option is to go on the pill which I do not want or need to do. I am told that I may suffer from diabetes and getting pregnant may be another problem. I am 5ft 4in and a size 12 active and eat well and regularly.

My question is has anyone regulated their periods without using the pill? Is having PCOS as bad as the specialist seems to say it is??

6 Replies
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Firstly, I just want to assure you that 1. You’re not alone and 2. The response and support you’ve received (or lack of) is highly normal for a PCOS diagnosis!

I will share my PCOS journey (diagnosed in 2011) which will include a mixture of laughter, frustration and ‘wows’ and it’s been a whirlwind of all sorts in another post.

Have you considered joining a PCOS support group?

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I am still not convinced I have PCOS so not sure what to do tbh.

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Ok, I have recently released a blog explaining the diagnosis criteria. Please have a read and make it a must to be persistent with your healthcare provider to be tested for PCOS or just to investigate whatever symptoms you may be experiencing.

Here is the blog link -

Have a read and let me know if it helps. I have also started a support group / community for those with PCOS or those who want to know more about the condition. Here is the link to access the platforms we engage through -

I hope this helps.

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My daughter had really erratic periods. Sometimes nothing for a year or more. I tried to get her to change her diet which may have helped and also she took inositol. Her periods are now more regular despite her being at uni with a terrible diet and the inositol still seems to be working so I would suggest you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it. It apparently helps with insulin resistance hence reduces testosterone production by the ovaries. That’s my understanding. Myoinositol was what she started with. Now takes myoinositol:chiroinositol in a 40: 1 ratio.

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Evening primrose oil regulated my periods...

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I was diagnosed with it (after scans in which i could see the cysts so it was definitely an issue) when I was about 20 and told the same things. I didn't want or need to go on the pill at that point so I didn't. The symptoms (irregular periods) cleared up, and the only reason I'm on this site is because for the first time, 23 years later, I seem to be having the same symptoms again. I never gained weight or got diabetes. I can't say whether or not it affected my fertility because I didn't want to have kids. So, this is just to reassure you really that the diagnosis might not affect you very much at all.

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