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When did Clomid work for you?

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So, I’m now on my 4th cycle on Clomid 100mg. First cycle - 50mg did ovulate

2nd Cycle - 50mg did not ovulate

Third Cycle - 100mg ovulated - No pregnancy

So, going into 4th cycle and wondering talking to the doctor to move onto alternate forms because I am ovulating just not getting pregnant. I don’t want to continue if its not worth it. Just wondering what everyone elses experience with Clomid was and how long it took for people to conceive.

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Hello! I am currently pregnant and had taken clomid for 4 cycles. I got pregnant on the fourth with a trigger shot. I felt exactly like you and thought nothing was going to happen but it did. I was going to do 6 cycles of clomid and then move onto more aggressive treatments but didn’t need to (yet!) I have PCOS and 100mg worked for me! Good luck and don’t give up hope. When the time is right, it’ll happen for you.

Thank you, it gives me hope. Did you ovulate on most the cycles prior to getting pregnant? Also, congratulations on the pregnancy.

Hi ! I have PCOS and used to ovulate once a year without treatment. And I'm 38. I took Clomid as well :

-First cycle, 50 did not ovulate

-Second cycle, 100 ovulated

-Third cycle, 100 ovulated (February 2020)

I stopped Clomid afterwards because the fertility clinic did not want to prescribe me more :-( and I got pregnant "naturally" just before starting IVF privately in April 2020.

I heard that, sometimes, Clomid works once you stop it, maybe because it takes a while to the body to ovulate ... I don't really know but now I have a 6months old baby girl.

I went through all of that and I hope it will work soon for you 😊 I'm not a doctor but I think it's a very good sign that you are responding to the treatment and are ovulating.

Good luck to you ☺️

Thank you, this given me hope 😊

I have no experience quite yet but think I'm going to be starting clomid soon so have found and saved your post! Wishing you all the best 🤞

I took about 5 cycles and took a three month break and got pregnant during the break from it. I had another child a year after the first one and had not been on clomid for the second one. I have pcos and was officially diagnosed four years ago. Keep working at it because it will happen maybe when you least expect

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