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Can I get pregnant with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and a cyst once treated ?

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Hi, so I have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and a cyst. I know this is all treatable but, in the future of course I would love to have a baby. Once I start being treated, do I have a good chance of then getting pregnant or does it affect me having that chance ?

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Hi Chlo, Yes There is a chance. I was also diagnosed with PCOs but you know what, I have two strong boys. What you need to do is to cut out the level of sugars especially when you want to conserve. Just be careful with your diet, reduce carbs to a maximum level, don't take sodas, table sugars, and a lot of oils. If you are a believer don't forget to pray also. That what helped me

My sister has PCOS and had cysts in both ovaries and an even an ovary removed and went on to have a boy, who is now 5. So yes, you can. All I would say if you are not already ,try, and if you want more than 1, try as soon as you can. My sister unfortunately lost both ovaries in the end, she was going to try again when my nephew turned 3, now cannot have anymore.

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Pam55 in reply to LisaEB

Hi LisaEB, I was reading your reply, it sounds like miracles really do happen! Someone with bad PCOS can have a, you have given me some real hope for the future, I'm 42 and not had any kids yet because I've never met the right person to have them with! How old your sister was when she had her first baby?

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LisaEB in reply to Pam55

My sister was 25 when she had her boy.

Hi..I have PCOS and scans showed I had a lot of cysts on my ovaries...I had to take drugs in order to ovulate but once I was ovulating I was able to get pregnant without any problems and have two daughters...I hope this gives you some hope xx

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