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Hi. I'm 18 and I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 2 years ago. It was really hard to come to terms with at first and it was hard to talk to my friends about it because I knew that they just didn't understand what I was going through. I just really want to talk to someone who also has PCOS and knows what I'm going through.

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Hi, i am 20 and i had also been diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16. So, i know what u feel like. I was also unable to share with my friends what I was going through. Initially, I also had gained a little weight so, that was also making me lose confidence. Apart, from that i had also developed facial hairs on my chin so, that was also disheartening. Also, I was also going through mood swings and frustation because I was diagnosed with this. But, slowly things changed as I started exercising and lost the extra weight and am thin again.I also started avoiding eating too much junk food. Can't do anything about the facial hair except get it removed. So, yeah things have started to go back to normal and i have learned to live with it a little except the occasional mood swings and getting a lot more irritated easily than i used to before. So, in conclusion, I have sort of learned to cope with having PCOS.

I'm really glad that you've learned to cope with it. That gives me hope that one day I'll be able to as well. I gained ALOT of weight before I was diagnosed and it made me feel awful because I didn't know why it was happening. When I got on metformin my body was not happy and I couldn't eat anything woth out throwing it up so I lost a good amount of weight. I'm still not happy with my size and I know that I need to actively try to loose weight not only for my confidence but also for the health reasons. I just don't know how to get motivated to do it. The gym makes me uncomfortable because I feel so out of place. I feel very stuck. I just really wanted to talk to someone who know what I'm going through and it's nice to do that.

If u are not willing to go to gym right now, that's not an issue. U could just start by walking for 20-30 minutes or dance or whatever at home for that time. That could also be a good start. It's all about doing something even small everyday.

Your completely right. I definitely am gonna try to get more active.

hi hun incredible progress glad your finally coping with ( PCOS ) i’m still coming to terms with it after being diagnosed in 2013 . and i also get facial hair i was wondering if you could advise me how do you remove the facial hair as i have to use a hair removal shaving thing :( so depressing as i’m so ashamed and i hide away to remove my hair :(

I have an electric facial razor that I use

heyy, im sixteen, i got diagnosed not long ago. i completely understand you, not a lot of my friends understand and its hard to talk to them about it but i also put on quite a lot of weight but i am trying out the keto diet at the moment and honestly its amazing, its not for everyone and at first its challenging but you just need to get used to it. Not only you lose weight and your hunger kinda fades away... ketogenic diet may be one of the best diets for women with PCOS because it reduces insulin levels and insulin resistance reducing the risk of diabetes and other complications. With a keto diet you will also lose weight without the gym. After you feel comfortable in your body you can tone up at home or at the gym. Hope this help, feel free to message:)

Hi! I came across this post and I'm the same age. I want to get diagnosed and I have a strong feeling it is PCOS because of genetics and I'm showing symptoms too. I was wondering how you managed to talk with the doctors or nurses to get diagnosed as they are taking it very lightly that I miss my periods a lot while also having severe pains. I agree with you not being able to talk to anyone about it. Seeing this post has made it a lot easier for me :)

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Hi, when I first went to the doctors they didn't take it seriously either, that was at the pediatrician since I was still a minor. My grandma works at a doctors office as a lab tech and so the doctors there are like family friends. I went there to get the blood work done. If your going to a pediatrician office I would suggest going to an different doctor office if you can. And I would also tell them to do blood work. Even if they say that they don't think you need it tell them you want it done.

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