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Pain during period


Hello recently diagnosed with PCOS. My period pains are so terrible. It’s a constant ‚patch of pain which lasts for 2-3 days. 800mg ibuprofen- prescription does not make any difference. Is there anything else I can try/ask for from my doctor. The pain is so bad it hurts to breath. Thank you

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Hey, hope you're ok! My doctor prescribed me naproxen but I read today that you can buy it over the counter. It helps majority of time with my pains x

Thank you. I’ll try that.

Have you ever looked into endometriosis before? I've got both endo and pcos and sounds like you could potentially have endo. Other than medication, hot water bottles are my go to (you can get long ones to wrap round your tummy and back) and the 'be you' period patches when out and about xx

Hikinginadress in reply to C765

Thank you. Yes I’m beginning to wonder. Also have only ever conceived twice - we don’t use any contraception. That was in my mid 20s and now I’m early 40s And other than a period of using withdrawal never have used contraception Always surprised me I only conceived twice. I will ask about it at next gynecologist appointment

C765 in reply to Hikinginadress

Defo ask, cos it's not normal to have periods that painful and if it is hopefully they can help you with the pain or getting diagnosed. Yeah I conceived a year and half ago but unfortunately was ectopic, but I'm actually 6 months pregnant now :) defo wasn't an easy journey. I had my endometriosis removed to give me a better chance of conceiving so I defo think that helped and it was just trying to manage the PCOS side of things cos some months I wasn't ovulating. Xxx

Hikinginadress in reply to C765

Congratulations. That’s so wonderful. Wishing you a good rest of pregnancy. X

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