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Fluid in womb

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Hello 😌

I got diagnosed with PCOS literally this morning at 23. My doctor has referred me to a gynaecologist as during my ultrasound scan they have found fluid in my womb and they’re not sure whether it’s relevant to the fact I’ve been spotting/on a light period for the past two months. Is that something anyone has ever experienced?

My symptoms so far have been:

1. Horrendous period pain at time of period (yet no periods at all for at least a year)

2. Acne, especially around the time I would normally get a period.

3. Really oily skin and hair

4. Weight gain (I’ve put on four stone in the past year and have found it really hard to lose it again)

5. Brown discharge/blood at the time of period (either at the start or end of my cycle)

6. Spotting/little amount of blood for the past two months since having a cervix swab.

Also, the options to regulate symptoms are:

- a combi pill (I just need to get my bmi sorted out first)

- marina coil

- a pill taken every three months to trigger a period (can’t remember name)

Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m really not keen on putting any hormones in my body after the implant caused really awful migraines and depression/anxiety.. but if it will help I’ll need to do more research.

If anyone can shed a little light on any of the above, especially the fluid in the womb I’d greatly appreciate it!

Thank you in advance xo

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