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PCOS and periods!


Hi everyone! Today I was finally diagnosed with PCOS after 8 years of battling with it. Although I'm happy to have a diagnosis, I am shocked... I never thought I would actually have PCOS! I was wondering what everyone else's periods are like? Mine are very irregular but when I do get them.. they are hell! I throw up constantly for about eight hours straight, pass out and loose my hearing, severe diarrhoea, severe tummy and back ache. This normally lasts a day.. and then I'm my normal self again with a few tummy aches but nothing like the first day of my period!

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Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with PCOS.

I am too in the same boat.

It is difficult and I suffer similar symptoms as you have described. Just last week after 4.5 months of no period and then starting I threw up and had a little bottle all day because I was physically unable to get up for the day.

I get sickness and bowel issues same as you and also severe pains. Pain killers usually don't work.

I try to drink ginger chai with fresh and dried ginger this helps with my sickness. Also gentle regular exercise helps a lot. I do yoga and some weights.

Eating healthy nutritious meals are so important with plenty of veg and fruits and protein and fish. Try and stay away from white refined carbs as they trigger all of the worst symptoms.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for replying!

Sorry that you are also in the same boat but it’s so nice to find someone who understands the pain!

I will definitely try to stay away from the carbs - I am on a gluten free diet and I do believe that helped for a while but recently it hasn’t been making a difference as the sickness is still awful.

Are you on any form of contraception? That’s what all the doctors are advising me but I did want to try things the natural way if possible as I’ve already been on the pill before.

Hope your next period isn’t as painful!

No worries. Thank you for sharing your experience also.

I was a teenager when I tried a contraceptive that the doctors prescribed me for the pain and the heaviness of my period (this is before I was diagnosed) only was diagnosed last year and I'm 30 years old but basically when I tried the contraception pill I suffered from the side affects and it made it worse!

So for me I have tried to stay away from any sorts of pills and medication.

I've been trying to heal my symptoms and almost manage them naturally like yourself. I don't accept that a pill will heal me better than food and exercise. Pills mask the issues I feel personally.

Ive read an amazing book which also sheds light onto PCOS and I recommend it to women in the same predicament. It's called women code by alisa vitti.

Do feel free to ask any questions!

All the best

Exactly the same as me! I was on the pill 2 years ago and I got horrible side affects and really don’t want to go back on it.

However, as I’m sure your familiar with the pressure the doctors put on you (I’m 19) so they are really putting on the pressure to try the pill again, injections and the coil but I’m going to try the natural way.

Thanks for recommending that book, I’m buying it on amazon now!



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