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Cortisol as treatment for PCOs??


So, when I was young I was 100% misdiagnosed with an Adrenal Gland Disorder - when I actually had PCOs, ovarian cysts included. The doctor put me on a cortisol based drug and weirdly it did work to reduce my acne, it gave me more energy and it changed my a body a lot. I stopped taking it because 1) I discoverd I did not have any Adrenal Disorder and 2) I didn't like one particular side effect. Years after, knowing I had PCOs all along, I wonder why a cortisol-based drug worked to keep all my symptoms at bay...?

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There is quite a lot on the internet about cortisol and pcos actually, not that I have heard of anyone using it before. It could have been other factors that improved your symtoms like weight loss so may have been coincident.

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