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Implantation bleeding???


This is my 4th month on Clomid and for the past 3 months I ovulated.

I had the trigger on Friday 24/08 but I actually think I ovulated on Sunday 26/06.

Last night almos with no warning I had a blood discharge! Enough to go through my underwear and tights but right after it stopped with just a little bit when I wipe (sorry TMI!!). I was expecting my period over the weekend so that was 4 days earlier and now is finished so it didn’t even last 24hrs.

I did an early pregnancy test this morning and it was a BFN :( Could it be that is too early to detect? So could the bleed be from implantation? Is worth noting that I don’t have any other symptom! No sore brests, no tiredness, etc.

Any advise will be much appreciated!! Thank you

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Implantation bleeds tend to be more like spotting rather than a proper bleed. We do tend to ovulate later than the norm. Also dont go by symptoms either, I had none except period pain when I was pregnant!!

I would test again in a few days.

Sbevms in reply to Hols969

Thank you! I did the test again and is negative and I’m pretty sure is correct :(

I need to call the nurse on Monday but have a feeling that it will be too late to take clomid this month as I usually take on day 2. I have a little hope that maybe after 4 cycles my body will ovulate naturally at least next month so I can try again. Otherwise I will have to wait another month to start again. I’m trying to be positive but sometimes is really difficult. I only have 2 more chances on clomid and after I’m not sure what they will suggest. I’m assuming IVF. Which i know is an emotionally painful experience plus god knows how long it will actually take for the NHS to give me that. I’m almost 36 and really trying not to panic!

Hols969 in reply to Sbevms

I conceived Noah via IUI when I was 36 (2nd attempt) so don't worry you still have time as our egg quality remains better for longer. Noah is now 12!!

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