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Shamed for telling people about my pcos


So I'm recently married. I accidently spilled to my sister in law that I had pcos. In came out when discussing clothes and my weight (I carry my weight around my lower abdo). It's doesn't concern them and not really something I broadcast. Today my husband asked me if I told her. He then proceeded to have a go about how I have a loose tongue around his family. I'm devastated. I'm not embarrassed about my pcos. After so many long years I've embarrassed it and everything it comes with. I feel like I'm over reacting but I am so angry at him. How dare he make me feel like this. I'm currently on my 14th day of my period and my hormones are making me extra emotional. Am I overreacting? I dont know how to feel or what I'm supposed to feel.

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I dont think so, I would be pretty upset too. Maybe he doesnt know enough about pcos or it just makes him think of periods lol!! Maybe you should have a chat!!

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