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acne,unwanted hair but regular it PCOS?

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i have suffered from acne, unwanted hairs and painful periods from the time i was 16-18 years..every doctor that i went to told me the hormones tests and ultrasound ...while the ultrasound and hormones were normal..the doctor told me to keep my weight in control...i always have regular i have PCOS? or i am heading towards pcos with time because i always struggle with my weight and my last two periods were only 3-4 days long while earlier they used to be 5-6 days long...please help

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I'm in the same boat. I have regular periods, but I have male pattern hair growth and oily/spotty skin. It took 2 years for me to be referred to the Endocrinologist who ruled everything but PCOS out saying that he 'suspects' its PCOS because theres no other explanation. I've been on the Dianette pill for 6 months and I have to take it for another 6 to see if it helps with my unwanted hair and spots. I also am overweight so i'm being referred to a dietician with the possibility of metformin. People with PCOS do suffer with weight loss generally, so I would definitely get a test done for PCOS just to check.

I had regular periods but have cysts on my ovaries and even though I had a period I rarely ovulated. PCOS ladies vary hugely in their symptoms as well

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