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PCOS effect

I have PCOS since 16 and I am 20 years old now. I didn't do anything to deal with this problem or anything. Just took pills for 4 months every year to have periods. But now after I have done research on PCOS, I have heard that if PCOS is not treated asap, it will leave a long term effect of infertility and I don't want that. As it has been 4 years I have PCOS and I haven't done anything specifically (such as losing weight, exercise) would it be too late now and will I have this long term effect of infertility.

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I’ve had PCOS since around the same time as you and I’m 21 now. I didn’t do anything about it until a few months ago. I’ve had a laparoscopy and was told everything looks healthy.

I don’t think it’s too late and I know of people who have had this problem and still had kids. If it bothers you I’d go to the gynecologist to get treated for it.

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No that is not true about long term fertility, not sure where you read that.

We are not infertile by any means, our issue is we dont always ovulate (having a period doesnt mean you are ovulating either) - there is loads of help for when you do want to conceive in the future and our egg quality remains better for longer as well. 1/3 of fertility issue are now men as well as a lot of issues are caused by poor sperm quality along with pcos.

My advise now would be to be on a low GI diet so cut out all white carbs and get your body in good shape. The combined contraceptive pill can help keep the symptoms at bay and increases your chances of getting pregnant quicker when you do come off it as your body is less pcos.

There are long term issues with pcos if it isnt kept under control as we have increased risk of heart disease, diabetes etc but this is often made worse if you are overweight.

I conceived Noah when I was 36!

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No this is just a myth. PCOS does not make you infertile, most women with PCOS are able to get pregnant. Some of us just need a little help. When you are ready to start a family your GP will be able to advise you of how to improve your chances of conceiving.


Thank youu 😊 I really appreciate the information and advise you guys have provided


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