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My pains are getting worse and making me have time off...any advice ?

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I'm going through hell at the moment with pains in my lower right abdomen (possibly endo related but I do have badly polycystic ovaries). This is causing me to have time off work and I feel like it makes it worse as I don't think anybody at my work understands what I'm going through. I have my first private appointment at the end of this month. Any advice on how to approach or what I could do to make things better? Painkillers don't work!

Thank you x

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Have you had the endo investigated and treated - pain like this is generally endo rather than pcos.

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bethanywood in reply to Hols969

I am currently waiting to have my first appointment on the 30th November! I'm pushing for a laparoscopy as i can't keep living like this x

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Hols969 in reply to bethanywood

Yes I agree, there is a link between pcos and endo as well so definitely worth getting it treated as a I believe it can help massively.

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