High testosterone

Hi all, I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16 when my GP decided to do an ultrasound due to stomach cramps. They told me that as I was not symptomatic of PCOS to continue as I was and not to worry until I wanted to try for a baby. I decided a few weeks ago to go to the doctors and request for my PCOS to be checked up on as I am now 23 and concerned what could have developed in these 7 years. He did blood tests and found I had high levels of testosterone and wants to repeat the test. I don't really understand what this means and whether it is a good or bad thing in terms or fertility? I am very concerned about when I start trying for a baby and if this is a sign of infertility in any way. Please help if you have any advice or a similar experience. Thanks.

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  • No, high testosterone is pcos so nothing to worry about really, we are not infertile in any way, it is extremely rare not to conceive because of pcos, some ladies take a little longer and some need extra help!!

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