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depressed and struggling

Hi my name is Loren im new to this site ive recently been diagnosed with PCSO and ive been on antidepressants before my diagnosis ive read up the symptoms of PCSO and it mentioned depression well recently my depression has got a lot worse its as bad as it was before i started taking antidepressants i dont know but ive been feeling low and tired and not wanting to go to college and ive lost my appetite im wondering if this is happening with others with the same diagnosis

thank you


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Yes, you may need to up your dose a bit just for a while and then reduce back down again when you are feeling less low - I had to do that a few times, I think it is the imbalance of hormones that doesn't help.

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Hi Loren, I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling so much. Have you thought about going to see your GP about your low mood? Maybe your medication needs reviewing, as often with anti depressants after a while they start to become less effective and the dosage needs increasing, just a thought. May I ask which anti depressants you are on? I've been on a number of them and the Ines I have found that helped are venelafaxine, I'm also on a mood stabiliser which helps level my mood out, maybe you could talk to your GP and see if that is an option? I wish you all the best, feel free to pm me if you need to talk, take care, kerry. X

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