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I'm new here and looking for advice

Waiting on referral from my GP, whom I saw at the start of the week. She was relatively unworried about my PCOS at the minute because I'm being referred to a specialist, but I need help.

Currently experiencing my heaviest period of my life. Every time I move, I can feel clots, I've gone through a full pack of sanitary pads and half a box of tampons in three days. I work full time and brought a full pack of pads to hide in my desk and I'm terrified there will be a disastrous leak in front of my coworkers. I'm sweating but clammy and super nauseous.

I've had to use three pads so far today and it's not even noon! What is happening? Can anyone give me advice or make me feel like there's someone in the same boat as me? Please.

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Hi Sophie how big are these clots that you are passing?? I wouldn't recommend using tampons if you are bleeding so heavily-do you live near a walk in centre? I would call nhs helpline or a walk in centre if they are quite large-they could be something like a polyp rather than a normal period?


Hi thanks for replying! They're pretty big, bigger than any I've had before, like very noticeable when they pass - I can really feel it. I'm not sure but I'll have a look and see if there are any local ones. Thanks so much for your help

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