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Pcos &depression :(

Hiya ladies, i am a 20 year old girl,with no children,who has been diagnosed with PCOS,and is suffering from extreme weight gain & hirsutism problems,which are preventing me to carry on with my daily activities out of embarrassment,and is effective my mental health,ive seen my gp,and he has recommended me to lose weight,but as you may be aware,with pcos,it is extremely hard,i have not been prescribed any medication,and I don't know how to cope with this,can someone please help or have any suggestions for me.

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Hi Sannah

In new to this myself . I've got acne , irregular period (well they have pretty much stopped) and hiruitism.

Mental health wise I think you can get referred for counselling to help you deal with emotional aspects or perhaps anti -depressants etc.

As for hiritusm I shave my face and pluck the stray hairs . I have lots on my chin and a little on my lip (I shave that ).

Weight wise, I think low carb is recommended for pcos . Are you insulin resistant ? If so there are things you can take for that .

Good luck !

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Thank you! :)

And depending on where you are from,i would recommend you asking ur gp to prescribe "Duac gel" it's amazing for acne,did me wonders!

Should help you too.

Good luck!

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The combined contraceptive pill can help with both the hair and weight, I find it much easier losing weight when I am on it. Low GI is the way to go diet wise, I like the 5:2 diet (I am not insulin resistant) as its is cheap and once you get your head around it, I find it quite easy.

Depression is a side effect of pcos, they are not sure if it is the symptoms of pcos or the hormonal imbalance that is causing it. Don't feel ashamed if you need to go on anti depressants, I find they really help, can take a few weeks or so to make a difference though so is not instant.

Make sure you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy too, this is crucial so don't let anyone say 'aren't you lucky not to have them' they are important to keep down below healthy. I take 2 months of the combined pill on the trot (would do 3 but kept spotting) as this keeps the symptoms even further at bay.


Hi try yoga for pcos and Indian herbal or home made remedy


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