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Positive test then negative??

Hi, first time posting here. I have PCOS and have been trying for a baby for 3 years unsuccessfully. I had a very long bleed lasting 6 weeks over Xmas and all through January. I went to my fertility clinic and when scanned they found a cyst that was larger than my usual ones and the lining of my womb was thicker than is should be. 2 weeks ago I did a home pregnancy test and it was positive, I did a few more and checked at the doctors and all results were positive (faint line.) I have been planning for a new baby, getting excited, telling a few close family and then today I do another test to check the line was getting stronger only for all 5 to be negative. Just wondering if anyone had experienced this before and what happened as I am in limbo not sure what happened? Thank you

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So the GP confirmed it as well, I would query having an early scan done. Its unusual that you had a long period and your womb lining was stick thick as well as the period should help reduce this.


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