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Hi I am a Newbie on here but not to PCOS. I was diagnosed about 16 years ago. I have been on metformin and spirolactone for about ten years. The only benefit i have seen is that i have not become diabetic.

I am frustrated at the effects PCOS has on my body. I am the only person in my family to be diagnosed with it on both my mum and dads side of the family. Some times i feel that people think they understand the effects it has had on my self esteem and confidence over the years but not sure they do. I am 35 years old. Last year i was diagnosed with very high blood pressure. It was over two hundred on a 24 hr blood pressure machine. I am on medication for this. I am over weight and have problems for many years.

I have alopecia with thinning hair. I also suffer with hirsutism. I am paying for treatment privately for laser hair removal for my face as this is all i can afford. I did ask my gp who tried to get the cost covered by my local primary care trust. They said no. It made me laugh at the time as they were giving me lots of medications with off the label uses.

It is the long term effects which i know PCOS is having on my body which worries me. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for 13 years on off now. It is all having a massive effect on my well being.

To day i finally went to have my hair cut. I hate going because of the way my hair makes me feel. The hairdresser always finds it hard to style my hair because it is very static and thin. It always looks a mess. i am embarrassed. I did have it cut but quickly left after. I did see a dermtologist years ago but all they did was say that i could have a wig which i would be able to get from them. I felt very hurt at this.

I am trying to be positive but some days it can be hard.

Sorry for very long post. I just wanted to put my story out there with people who understand PCOS.

Thanks for reading


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Hair loss, I think is one of the worst side effects of pcos as it can massively affect your self esteem, so does having a beard LOL - I had laser about 5 years ago so thankfully no longer have the beard but do need to maintain it as laser is not permanent for pcos ladies. I tried to get it on the NHS too and they said no as it was 'cosmetic' - as if having a beard on a woman is just cosmetic ....

I actually got all my hair cut short in the end as I was so fed up with how thin it looks and actually it does make it look much thicker. Speak to your hairdresser about styles as she may be able to recommend something that would suit you. I know a few ladies that have gone on to have wigs, which they hated the thought of, and have actually felt quite happy once they got their head around having to wear a wig, it actually made them feel more feminine again.

Are you on antidepressants now ? I am and find they help hugely. I had PND when my son was born and was on them for a good few years but came off them for 5+ years and have gone back on them the last few years, so for me they help with the depression and anxiety. Were you offered any counselling at all as that may help?

Life can be a bit sh*t with pcos I agree, the only thing I would suggest is stick to the low GI type diet so cut out all white carbs, processed food and as much sugar as you can as this makes our symptoms much worse. I would also look at doing more exercise to try and lift your mood too, even if it is just a dvd at home.

Good luck

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