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Hello! I have recently (today) been diagnosed with PCOS. Although it didn't come as much of a surprise thanks to Google!

I'm 23 years old and experiencing mostly all of the symptoms of PCOS: Irregular periods; unwanted excess hair on my neck/chin/belly/upperthighs; and head hair loss/thinning. The latter for me has been the toughest so far as its really noticeably balding. Its really having an impact on my confidence and makes me feel really unattractive.

Has anyone been given medication/remedies for hair thinning??

Would really appreciate any advice.


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The combined contraceptive pill can help with most of the pcos symptoms, have you asked to be referred to an endocrinologist as they may be able to advise on the hair thinning (yes I agree it is the worst symptom as it is very difficult to mask it!!) Diet is key as well so make sure you cut out all white carbs as they are the devil when it comes to pcos and can make it all worse.


Recently I have noticed I have been getting more hair on my neck and I always feel like someone has noticed.

I'm happy I have found this support group as I don't know anyone who has pcos and I feel it helps to talk to people in the same boat.


Hi I'm 21 and just been diagnosed and have almost all the same problems as you, it's comforting to know someone around my age is going through this too I think the facial hair is definitely the worst for me. I hope we both find something that works! :-)


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