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Need Help, Help please 24 years old

Can someone help me with my results, these is my results before my right ovary is 12.89cc and my left ovary 16.52cc. And then today I went to the second doctor to get a new ultrasound and get second opinion. My right ovary now is 14.4cc and my left ovary is 13.5cc Can someone please help me with deciphering these as I'm very worried... Thank you

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One of the classic signs of pcos is enlarged ovaries, it isnt anything necessarily to worry about as far as I know. Did you have cysts as well or did they just measure. I think they can go up and down naturally anyway, may depend on your cycle too.


Thank you very much for your reply. I don't know if I have cysts bec my first doctor didn't mention about cysts. It's different to explain of what they explain to me but next week I'm going to other doctor for second opinion to clarify my situation.. Because I had my polycystic for 4 years already, and all they gave to me is Gynera pills for my menstruation to be normal and I stopped taking my pills for last 3 months and so far my menstruation is normal... Thank you very much.

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Make a list of questions before you go to docs. If your anything like me you will have a million questions but forget half of them xx


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