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I am 20 year old female and I have always had irregular periods. Even though my periods were early or late, but I always had them each month. In 2016, towards the middle of the year, I did not have my period for 3 months straight.

Also, I started to notice coarse, thick hair on my chin about 3 years ago. I have done blood tests which have always been normal. My doctor said that my symptoms may point to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, so he suggested that I get an ultrasound which took place in April. When I had my ultrasound, it was found that I had a complex 3.6cm cyst in my right ovary and a follow up was recommended. Then my follow up in december showed that the previously identified cyst had been resolved and no significant ovarian abnormality was identified. My doctor suggested that my recent blood tests were all normal and there was no danger of PCOS.

I am afraid that I may have PCOS, but the symptoms may not be pronounced. The reports said there were no significant abnormalities, but there could have been minor offsets which may add up in the future.

I am not concerned about fertility since that is not a big issue to me. I am concerned because I do not want the risk of diabetes, etc.

What other tests could be done? I was thinking maybe a thyroid test and hormones test may conclude something.

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The risk is minimal if you take control of it - I am 47 and am not diabetic or insulin resistant but I have watched what I eat (I am no saint though!) so generally stick to the low GI diet as this can help reduce the pcos symptoms.

Cysts can come and go so it is not uncommon for them to disappear. I would treat yourself as if you do have pcos. Look at the NICE guidelines as it advises what help you should receive.


Yeah! Thankyou.


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