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Elevated DHEA-S levels?

Hi everyone and hope you're all having a happy, safe holiday season.

I should preface this by saying that I have not been diagnosed with PCOS, so please let me know if this is not an appropriate place for this.

I've been dealing with some ongoing symptoms lately; quite frankly, many are not super consistent with ones I've been reading about PCOS. I've been overweight nearly all my life, rather obese... but I've recently dropped a significant amount of weight without much of a lifestyle change. I've also had quite significant diffuse hair loss and fatigue. I have pretty severe acne, though it's been pretty bad since I was a young teenage (I'm nearly 21 now). I also do have regular periods (I'm not on any type of birth control) and very minimal, if any, hirsutism.

I saw an endocrinologist who ran a bunch of blood work (everybody assumed my symptoms were related to my thyroid but it's not). One thing that did should up as fairly elevated was my DHEA-S. It was 439 ug/dL with the upper range being at about 370 ug/dL. I had my testosterone checked but I am unsure of the results (presumably normal, otherwise I would think action would have been taken).

I see the endocrinologist again in about two weeks as a follow up from my initial appointment back in the summer. I'm not sure what this could mean, he mentioned we were just going to "follow it". Does anyone know what this could be? Could it be a weird presentation of PCOS or probably something else?

Thank you!! :)


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