Think I may have pcos

Hi all

I've had irregular periods since I started them ( I have 4 periods a year roughly ). I also have a lot of facial hair on my chin . Recently I have been getting moderate acne . I am 27 and I am concerned how this may affect my fertility etc. Is this something I should get checked out or will the doctor fob me off as I am not trying to conceive now ?


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  • Yes do it as soon as possible.

  • Please tell your doctor your concerns about possibly having PCOS and tell him your symptoms. If he doesn't pursue testing or any interest in finding out what's going on with you, see another doctor. The symptoms you describe are very prominent in people with PCOS. I'm not a doctor but have been diagnosed with PCOS since my late twenties and I wish I had known earlier.

  • Hi thanks for this . I am changing docs and I will be speaking to my new doctor about this :)

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