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Pcos advice please

Hey everyone I'm new to all of this. I came of the implant in January to start trying for baby no2 and didn't have a period until June. I suffered with really bad headaches up until my period came. I went doctors and explained the situation and was told I possible have pcos and I have a bit of facial hair too. That was it no arrangements made for any test to confirm the diagnosis. Arranged another doctors appointment for tomorrow so was just wondering what questions I should be asking and what tests I should request to be done? I've been reading a lot about metfornin and things to do with insulin and would it be worth asking about this as my grandpa is diabetic? Any help appreciated :)

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Sorry you didn't get a reply in time for your appointment, how's it all gone?


Hey I finally had blood tests done and a scan to confirm I have pcos. Was supposed to go in for tablets to make me have a period this week and was advised to do a pregnancy test before and it came out positive :)

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No way! That's FABULOUS news. Massive congratulations and good luck on your journey xxxx


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