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Laser treatment

Hello I suffer from quite bad facial hair which I have to have waxed regularly. I'm looking into laser treatment does anyone have any reviews or suggestions for good companies. I have looked on Groupon at offers but again not sure of reviews. I am getting a certificate of proffered from the doctors as someone companies offer a reduced price (I think)

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Best thing I ever did - I used SK:N, it takes about 15 sessions to really get it but you will notice the difference after the first session. Only shave for 6 weeks prior to the appointment to get the best results. I personally dont think IPL is as good as laser


Thank you i will look into it, did you get a reduced price? And silly question but did it hurt really bad worries about the pain as I still come out in a rash when I have my face waxed which has been nearly a year


Im about to start my treatment with skin. I was extremely lucky that I was picked as they want some case studies for marketing purposes in return for free laser treatment. I'll keep you updated. I'm so excited to finally be hair free!


Oh wow that's very lucky good luck with your treatment I hope it doest take long for you and your happy with the result!


I'm about to start with skin. How did you find the treatment? I was lucky enough to be picked for their recent project of free laser in return for marketing.


Its not the most comfortable of things tbh but even half a face is over in 5 minutes really so it is quick. The less hair you have the less it hurts so it did reduce in time. I would take a pain killer before hand just to lesson it but make sure you do not pluck or wax the hair, ideally for 6 weeks before to get the best results.

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I've had six laser sessions on my legs and face. It has worked really well on my legs. I still need another couple of sessions but it has actually changed my life getting them done.

My face hasn't been as successful. I knew that might be likely because hormonal facial hair is so bloody tough and resilient that it keeps coming back! I've now started a course of electrolysis (blend method) for my face and so far it is working well and haven't had any regrowth of the dark black hairs.

In terms of pain, laser is over so fast that it's completely bearable. It will be literally a few minutes for your face. I'd done so much waxing and plucking over the years that I think my face and particularly my chin, are completely numb to hair removal pain. My top lip wasn't really painful but not enjoyable. But overall, less painful than a wax, much quicker and no stickiness.

Similarly, electrolysis pain on my chin is non existent but on my lip, it is painful. Not painful enough to put me off though. I think having PCOS has given me a high pain threshold. Wish my emotional threshold was as high...

Good luck with your hair removal journey! x


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