Laser treatment

Hello I suffer from quite bad facial hair which I have to have waxed regularly. I'm looking into laser treatment does anyone have any reviews or suggestions for good companies. I have looked on Groupon at offers but again not sure of reviews. I am getting a certificate of proffered from the doctors as someone companies offer a reduced price (I think)

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  • Best thing I ever did - I used SK:N, it takes about 15 sessions to really get it but you will notice the difference after the first session. Only shave for 6 weeks prior to the appointment to get the best results. I personally dont think IPL is as good as laser

  • Thank you i will look into it, did you get a reduced price? And silly question but did it hurt really bad worries about the pain as I still come out in a rash when I have my face waxed which has been nearly a year

  • Im about to start my treatment with skin. I was extremely lucky that I was picked as they want some case studies for marketing purposes in return for free laser treatment. I'll keep you updated. I'm so excited to finally be hair free!

  • Oh wow that's very lucky good luck with your treatment I hope it doest take long for you and your happy with the result!

  • I'm about to start with skin. How did you find the treatment? I was lucky enough to be picked for their recent project of free laser in return for marketing.

  • Its not the most comfortable of things tbh but even half a face is over in 5 minutes really so it is quick. The less hair you have the less it hurts so it did reduce in time. I would take a pain killer before hand just to lesson it but make sure you do not pluck or wax the hair, ideally for 6 weeks before to get the best results.