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Any tips on Hair Loss?

My hair thinned out a lot last year, with lots coming out whenever I had a shower or brushed my hair (I would blow dry my hair sitting on my bed and I would be surrounded my hair everywhere). This seemed to stop at the beginning of the year, I didn't realise how much I actually lost until little tufts started growing back and sticking up, luckily they are about a fringe length now. I have had to change my pill as it doesn't suit me for other reasons, (even though I swear I had hair loss with this pill too) but in the last few weeks my hair has started to fall out again and I'm worried it's going to go to the scale of loss it did last time. So basically I was wondering if anyone had any tips on things that worked for them, such as shampoos, supplements or diet. I'm guessing it's probably completely hormonal, but I thought it was worth a try to ask for your advice! Thanks :)

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Hi, I am afraid I do not have a answer to hair loss but it happens to me too to a less extent so I am joining this threat in case anyone has found something useful. I do find that eating healthily, resting, sleeping well and de-stressing my body through exercise have a positive impact on the quality of the hair in my scalp but it would be useful to know about specific food, supplements or shampoos that can help.


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