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Psos but took a period

Folks really confused I have not took a period since Nov got bloods ect done an doc says I'm not ovulating & is refering me to fertility clinic.. But to cut a long story short I took my period today.. Now I'm currently for the month of Feb doing a ovulation test everyday to try an find were my cycle is.. this my sound stupid but is there a chance I could ovulate & get pregnant now as my period has come back.. I have been so excited to see my period today please someone answer my question

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This is exactly what happened to me. I was trying for baby number two with no period in sight, referred to infertility and investigative clinics did a bit of that then, woohoo along comes a period and I fell pregnant.

My advice now is to have sex every other day after your period. That's what I concentrated on. You need to make sure your partner is producing 'good swimmers' so don't make him produce it every day. Make sure you're eating healthy and I did all the 'old wives' stuff like hanging upside down after sex etc! Anything to help was my motto! If possible, having an orgasm after your partner helps the sperm travel up to the egg.

If you have a period, you will ovulate.

Good luck.


Thanks so much for your reply.. Yea I will do ll of the above just hope this is our month I have to go to my gp on wed to get a blood count done for vaccines I'll get all that done anyway for the referral they want to test my husband so hopefully fingers crossed all will b good.. Thanks again an all the best with your news xx

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A google search suggests "anovulation" means having a period without ovulating, however if you are ovulating all the best getting pregnant!


Hello i have a regular period each month but without ovulation as previous poster has posted above its called anovulation cycle and i even get the change in mucus around when ovulation is due. Im not saying your not or you are ovulating but im just saying a period doesnt always come because you did ovulate pcos is hard and confusing too live with best of luck x


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